How to avoid overheating of Laptops

Many a times we like to work on our laptops by placing it on our laps. But this case causes to lot of problems due to overheating of the laptops like skin burns etc. So as the saying in English goes that preventions or precautions are better than cure, so we will discuss here some of the effective ways to avoid the overheating of laptops

First of all the most important thing is place the laptop on an appropriate place like clean and plane surface, not any unlinear surfaces like on beds, blankets and other soft surfaces which might block the vents and fan of the laptop’s back surface. The ventilation system of the laptop must be regularly cleaned with compressed air.

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Now a days, if you are bound to use laptop for long working hours then you may use laptop cooling pads, on which you can place your laptops and work upon. If you don’t work on laptop for long hours but still it is needed to keep in switched on mode then you must put it on sleep mode or any other power saving mode but be carefull while keeping it i.e. ensure that you are not keeping it at any air free space where heat can generate.

If we talk about some inbuilt software feature then you may use many monitoring softwares that allows you to watch and track the temperatures of processors, hard drives and other components.
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