List of websites useful for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, state PETs and JEE preparation

During the run-up for IITJEE during class 11th and 12th many students search for a number of websites and forums which might help them with their IITJEE preparation. Here is the list of some of the sites which the people may find useful.

this is one of the best site ever found because it is a forum and source for JEE materials. This forum also contains many experts on the specific subjects of which some are of the famous coaching BANSAL CLASSES, Kota, and Rajasthan.

You can also refer to some of the websites of some branded coaching’s Because they can provide you the keys of the last year question papers with complete solution along with analysis:

if any of the above link is unavailable and if you know any of other site you may like to share do inform me via comment so that i can modify it at the earliest.


  1. For students preparing for IIT JEE, definitely check Their tricks and techniques to teach students are not only easy to understand but interesting as well. the best part being everything is free. Visit

  2. This is very nice blog. Your links for IIT Jee video lectures are very interesting to learn and its content is very helpful for IIT Jee preparation.

  3. Nice blog,useful content.Thanks for providing info along with links.


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