How to switch off or disable Mozilla firefox to show images?

Since images or photos are of higher memory size therefore if they are embedded into the web pages then they would take a much longer time to load than the general web pages without any images. And more often it eats up much of our expensive data charges if we are not using any kind of free or unlimited internet usage packs. So the experts rely to disable the images from their browsers.

In this post i will tell you how to disable images from Mozilla Firefox browser and also to set exceptional websites too, for which we want to enable images such as those sites which demands capta check for logging into your account in their sites.

The step by step procedure is as follows:

1. Start the Mozilla firefox browser

2. On the menu click on “Tools” menu

3. In the tools menu the last option is “options”, click on it.

4. Click on the “content” tab. The screen will be shown like this image below:

5. In the screen, you will see the check option as “Load images automatically” which is checked by default, uncheck it and click ok.

6. Now the images will not be shown and you will save your time and data charges.

7. If you want to keep some sites as exeption to show images, then you can click on the “exeptions..” button , on the right side of the same check option.

8. The window will appear like this

9. You can enter the address of the site like http://www.yahoo.com/  or http://www.google.com/  etc.

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