How to Import Your Facebook Contacts To Gmail Without Any Software

Import Your Facebook Contacts To Gmail Without Any Software.

1.    Facebook account
2.    Gmail account
3.    Yahoo Mail  Account

Follow these steps:
1.    Login to your Facebook account
2.    Sign In to your yahoo mail account
3.    Go to contacts tab. Central part of the screen will be as shown.

4.    Click on import contact button. The display will be changed as shown in the screen shot

5.    Click on the Facebook icon. In the next window authorise the yahoo app to import facebook contacts by clicking on ok button.

6.    Something similar to this will be shown

7.    Click on view imported contacts and click on the export option from action menu

8.    Click on yahoo CSV export now button.
9.    Complete the captcha code and click on export button. Within few seconds, the contacts will be downloaded to the default location set by your browser.
10.    Next Sign In to Gmail account and go to contacts section

11.    Click on import contacts, a window will appear

12.    Locate your csv file that you imported from facebook via yahoo and then click import
13.    Now its done. So now tell me how was the tutorial

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