Create Disposable Email Ids Using Yahoo Mail

Create Disposable Email Ids Using Yahoo Mail

You might have come across many websites asking for your email ids for some kind of freebies. But in maximum cases as per my experience after you unsubscribe from their mailing lists, they sell off your email ids to some other company that pays them to provide mailing lists. And after this you will have to switch over your email ids due to lot of spams your receive.

Now the problem is how to come up above this problem of spams like Viagra spams, lottery spams, jobs spams etc. So for this problem yahoo mail offers another service to their customer i.e “Disposable Email adresses”.

So from now onwards you can create disposable email ids and give that address to the websites and if you start receiving spams then simply delete that address, without changing your yahoo account.

You can create disposable email id by following these steps.

1.    Signin to your yahoo mail
2.    Click on the drop down button “Options” on the top left corner. And select “Mail Options”.
3.    In the right side you will see an option of “disposable email addresses”. Click on it

4.    Following window will be shown. Click on “Add Address” button on the top

5.    Next you will be asked to enter the some initial word like so that your email will look like initial-emailid@yahoo.com . In this case the word “initial” will be fixed for you (of course you can change it later. And the “emailid”, you can add upto 500 email ids like that with same initial.

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