Extra Features making Google+ above Facebook

Extra Features making Google+ above Facebook.

Since its launch Google+ is getting more popular among the internet social networking users. Experts says that it will outperform facebook which is the leader in internet social networking, inspite of the latest video chat launch by facebook in association with Skype beacons Google+ already have this feature.

Here are some features that people are telling why Google+ is better than Facebook

1.    Google + has no limit on the number of friends a user can have unlike facebook where it is restricted to a maximum of 5000 friends
2.    Google+ offers a feature called sparks, which helps you find something from the web using special interest search engine which can be shared with your friends while in facebook this can be done using various apps
3.    Google + is integrated with black notification bar in your Google and Gmail account

In conclusion, we can say that actually both the sites have same features since every feature that Google + provides is present in facebook and the case for 5000 friends, a normal person never has more than 5000 friends unless and until it is a business company for which facebook’s page feature can be employed. But Google + ‘s marketing and the way presenting its product in different style like Google + invitation is making it more popular because This invitation type promotion sometimes trigger in the minds of the people that something special must be there, that’s why they are using invitation to test the site before its beta version launch.

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