How to add sticky notes on your desktop in window 7

Add sticky notes on your desktop in window 7.

You can add as many as virtual sticky notes onto your desktop in window 7 operating system based computer, by following these steps:

1.    Click on start menu.
2.    Click on “All programs”.
3.    You will find the first folder as “Accessories”. Click on it, the drop down list will open
4.    Probably the 5 option from the last would be “Sticky Notes”. Click to open it

5.    A sticky note will appear. Write your notes on it. It will automatically be saved until you delete the content by clicking on “x” on the its top
6.    To add one more notes, you can click on the “+” button on its top
7.    To change the background of the notes to set some notes as more priority. Right click on the inside area of the notes and you will see many colours as options to choose from

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