How to burn CD or DVD using Nero

How to burn CD or DVD using Nero?
Answer is here:
1.    A blank or rewritable CD or DVD
2.    Nero Software installed in your computer
3.    Data to be written to the CD or DVD

Steps to follow

1.    Insert the CD or DVD into the drive and wait for a few seconds to load the disk into the computer, and cancel the windows dialogue box which ask “what do you want to do with the blank CD or DVD”
2.    Start the Nero application

3.    Select the type of disk you want to write upon from the drop down menu, given above.
4.    Now suppose we selected CD (Steps are similar for both CD and DVD)
5.    Select make “Data CD”
6.    From the next appearing window also select make data CD

7.    After that following window will appear and will ask to add the files that you want to write onto the CD. Click on add button on the right side and then locate and add the the files or folders you want to add from the dialogue box that opens after clicking on “Add” button

8.    After you added the files and folders, click on “Next button”
9.    In the new window, type the name of your CD such as the content name that is present inside the CD

10.    Now click burn. Within few minutes the CD will be burned with your data. Remember not to eject the CD before the completion of burn process or else it will render your disk useless.

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