Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software

Download Youtube Videos Online Without Any Software.

The official website of youtube doesn’t support downloading their videos. So you have to employ third party applications to download the youtube videos that are actually being viewed as flash content on the youtube.com website.
In this tutorial i will show you how to download youtube videos without the use of any software installation

Follow these steps
1.    Open www.youtube.com and go to the video page which you want to download.

2.    Now we have reached the video page. Go to the address bar on the top and copy the URL of the video page on youtube.

3.    Go to www.kissyoutube.com or www.saveyoutube.com by typing the address on the address bar.

4.    Once you reach the website. You will find that the website is asking to enter youtube video URL.

5.    Enter the URL of the video page that you copied from youtube’s website, and click “download”

6.    A warning box will pop-up for the first time just select "Run" to continue. This is perfectly safe and will not install any kind of software.

7.    After that a list of download links will appear depending upon the availability of the format of the video. Right-click on the format you want and select "Save As..." to start your download.

Currently their website support downloads in MP3, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV and many other formats

Note: Some computers do not have for their internet browsers, so in that case you will be opted for updating your internet browser (incase of firefox, it asks to install the run time java adds on). In those cases follow the steps guided by your browser to get the java version.

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