If parents are Indian citizens then naturally the child is also considered Indian Citizen. But now the question arises how to become Indian Citizen if we do not satisfy the Indian Parents criteria. For this we should know about various ways to obtain Indian Citizenship.

Actually there are 2 ways to gain Indian Citizenship. These are

1.    By Birth
2.    By Registration

We will talk about both in detail. First of all talking about getting Indian Citizenship by birth, then individuals satisfying the following criteria are considered to be entitled for Indian citizenship by birth

1.    As per the draft formulated for Indian Citizenship, The individuals born in India after 26 January 1950 and having atleast one parents as Indian Citizens are considered as Indian Citizens
2.    If any individual is born outside India then also he/she can get Indian Citizenship provided his/her parents are Indians.

Now the case comes for getting Indian citizenship by registration. This is the case applied to the persons not satisfying the citizenship by birth criteria. This kind of the citizenship is entitled to the person holding the following criteria.

1.    If any individual is married to Indian Citizen, he/she can get Indian Citizenship provided the Indian person’s citizenship is atleast 7 years old. The non-Indian individual have to apply for citizenship in India and have to leave his/her previous country, Since India don’t have dual citizenship norms
2.    Any person who is relates his/her work to science, arts, commerce or any other special service and want to practice their work in India then he/she can apply for the Indian Citizenship provided he/she have to leave the citizenship of the previous country.

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