How To Hide A File Or Folder In Windows.

How To Hide A File Or Folder In Windows.

Since every person in this world have some private information like bank account details, passwords, etc, which can’t be shared with everyone. So you would like to hide your  files and folders which stores some of the confidential data. You can also see the hidden files and folders. To hide a file, folder or any drive, follow these steps

1.    Go to the location of the file or folder or drive using windows explorer.
2.    Right click on the the file or folder.
3.    Click on properties

4.    A windows showing the properties of the file or folder will appear. In the “Attributes section”, click the option of “Hidden”, if it is unchecked.

5.    Click on “Apply” and then “Ok”.
6.    Now the file or folder will not be seen in the containing folder unless you have selected the option to “Show hidden files, folders and drives”

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