How to permanently delete your facebook account

Permanently delete your facebook account by following these steps.

Sometimes you might have felt bored of facebook and have wanted to delete your facebook account. But when you have tried to delete your account. In account settings, facebook asks only to deactivate your account so that you can retrieve your friends and contacts and post next time you think to use facebook. But in case we do not want to use facebook and want to delete each and every information that facebook has about us, then we can consider permanently deleting the account.

For this you can follow these steps.

1.    Login into the account that you want to delete
2.    Go to this link https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account
3.    You will come across a delete confirmation window like  this

4.    Click on submit button then you will be asked to confirm the process in another pop up window

5.    Enter your password, then complete the captcha verification and click “Ok”
6.    Now your account will be scheduled to deletion after 14 days. Now close the facebook window. Don’t browse anything inside your facebook account

7.    For confirmation you can check your email, about the confirmation about permanent deletion of your account.

Note: Don’t login into your facebook account for another 14 days otherwise it will be reactivated again.

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