How to use ATM cum Debit cards

How to use ATM cum Debit cards?

In this age of technology, this is a question with very simple answers and is rarely asked, but still there are some people who are new to this environment and are unknown to this kind of of electronic money. But since i am always there to help them out via this blogging platform.

So let me elaborate on the process of using an ATM card (now a days maximum financial institutions offers ATM cum debit card).

  1. Open your bank account
  2. Apply for ATM card and wait for 15 days to come or simply get an Instant ATM cum debit card.
  3. Get the ATM card activated
  1. Go to your nearest ATM that support your bank's ATM card. you can check out the VISA or Mastercard logo on the doors of ATM
  2. Insert your ATM card
  3. The operating system will display your name as printed on your card or will display the text "Instant Card" for instant atm cards.
  4. Now enter your secret PIN and move ahead
  5. Now it will display the various services that are being offered on your card. If you are on your bank's ATM then it will show numerous services like enquiry, withdrawl, mini statement, transfer, mobile topup etc. But if you are on other bank's ATM, then it will offer only 2 service i.e balance enquiry and withdrawl.
  6. Select the required option.
  7. Let us suppose you selected for withdrawl.
  8. Next it will ask for the amount to withdraw. Enter the amounts in multiple of 100s (or as the minimum amount supported by your bank).
  9. Next it will display your remaining balance on screen and will prepare to cash out your money.
  10. Wait for few seconds. Take your money and do not leave the ATM without ensuring that the card is with you
  11. Make sure the card inserting terminal is giving green signal when you leave.

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