INSTANT ATM CARDS - Now get your ATM cum Debit card within 1 minute

Gone are the days when you have to wait for minimum 15 days for the atm card to be posted at your address after applying for an ATM cum Debit card. Now you can get those cards instantly within a minute after filling the ATM application form.

These cards are called Instant card. These cards are completely similar to those of the conventional one and you can use it the same way you used the previous ones. Only difference in these cards in that instead of your name the text "Instant Card" is printed on the card. Like the other cards these cards are also affiliated to VISA or MasterCard as supported by your bank. Currently I am using one with VISA logo issued by one of the public sector bank.

Now i shall tell you how to get those instant cards

You should have an bank account.

  1. Go to your bank's nearest branch
  2. Ask for ATM application form
  3. While filing the application form, there are 2 options to select from, One is card with your name and photo in it. Other is card without your name or photo printed on it.
  4. Tick the second choice.
  5. Now fill the other parts of your form
  6. Give it to the person concerned.
  7. He will verify your records, signature, etc. Then he will handover you the Instant card with unopened password envelope
  8. Now wait for 1 evening or as instructed by the bank to get your card activated.
  9. Now the instant card is ready for use.
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