Know The Details Of The President Of India’s Assets

Know The Details Of The President Of India’s Assets.

Taking another step of respect towards the law of equality for all, Honourable President of India Mrs
Pratibha Patil had disclosed the details of her assets after a request by Central Information Commision. The details consists of both movable & immovable property and has originally been posted on her official website at http://www.presidentofindia.nic.in/ .

Overall Honourable Mrs Pratibha Patil possess an asset of Rs 2.49 Crore which includes specifically the movable assets. Going into the details of her property lets talk about that in 2 sections.

(I)    Immovable Property:

1.    A residential house at Amravati district of Maharashtra worth Rs 39.60 Lakhs
2.    A farmhouse of around 3.82 hectare worth Rs 9.82 lakhs.
3.    1.19 hectares of agricultural land in Jalgaon district worth Rs 3.64 Lakhs.
4.    Another 1.49 hectares of agricultural land in Jalgaon worth 2.90 Lakhs bought in the year 1997-98.

(II)    Movable Property:

1.    Fixed deposits worth Rs 68.80 Lakhs in different different banks
2.    Investments in bonds of Rural Electrification Corporation Limited worth Rs 29 Lakhs
3.    Rs 4.71 Lakhs under post office saving scheme
4.    Rs 12.60 Lakhs in Public Provident fund (PPF) of State Bank of India (SBI)
5.    Gold jewellery worth Rs 31 Lakhs
6.    Silver Jewellery worth of Rs 69,134 .
7.    Rs 16.33 lakhs of money in Saving Bank account
8.    Rs 1.87 Lakhs of cash in hand
9.    Rs 21,775 worth of investment in sharemarket
10.    Rs 66,640 in Sanjivini Savings and Investments Ltd.

As far as the data revealed , Hon. President of India has revealed each and every single penny related to her property. This is a good example from her side to remain unbiased and truthful and this information may also help our country to maintain good administration where some unscrupulous critics don’t have chance to criticise our country’s constitution just by making some unaudited assumptions of financial assets of any dignitary. Hope our country will achieve more standards by setting these type of good examples as our Hon. President did.

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