Mumbai & New Delhi are Cheapest Cities of the World

Mumbai & New Delhi are Cheapest Cities of the World.

No I am not joking. Actually it is the report released by the annual “Worldwide cost of living survey” which was conducted by the “Economist Intelligence Unit”, an international research firm.

In this survey, the research firm ranked 134 major places across the world depending upon various day to day factors like the cost of food, transport, toiletries, etc. Actually this rank has been released for the costliest cities of the world, wherein, Tokyo, the capital of Japan is the most costliest i.e. Rank 1 while most cheapest is Karachi, the capital of Pakistan with rank 134th.

The Indian cities, Delhi is at the 129th position while Mumbai is at the 132nd position, so as per the experts, they are reversing the list which makes conclusion that in the ranking of most cheapest cities of the world, Mumbai ranks 3rd while New Delhi ranks fifth.

This news released by Press Trust of India seems quite amazing when the inflation in India is at peak.

Source: Press trust of India & www.business-standard.com

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