No Queue Banking & Green Channel Counters at SBI

No Queue Banking & Green Channel Counters at SBI.

If you are the customer of the India’s public sector banking giant State Bank of India (SBI), then this good news is for you. SBI with more than 14437 branches across India has now introduced “Green Channel Counters” and “No Queue Banking” service at its 5000 branches across its pan India branch network

In an urge to make banking paperless and hassle free especially for the benefit of the customers, these services called “Green Channel Counters” and “No Queue Banking” has been released. Now if you want to make any kind of transaction, you can simply use your ATM or Debit Card. At every branch, there will be more than one green channel counter containing a device called TPD that is Transaction Processing Device which looks similar to the PoS terminals at various departmental stores.

You care just needed to swipe your ATM or Debit Card and then chose from the options available like Deposit, withdrawl and fund transfer. This system facilitates you more than ATM since you can deposit your cash and make money transfers also unlike in the case of ATMs where deposit and money transfer was not favoured. And more importantly at these counter, you can withdraw funds in your preferred denomination since every TPD machine will be attended by a bank personnel who can help you in this regard.

Overall this is a good service offered since it is encouraging the use of paperless money and reducing the use of paper in various banking transaction.

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