Prepaid VISA Card by AXIS Bank

Prepaid VISA Card by AXIS Bank.

After so many innovative products in the field of pre-paid cards by Axis Bank, now you can make use of another pre-paid card which is supported by VISA enabled transactions.

Launched as ‘MY MONEY CARD’ by Axis Bank, you can use this prepaid VISA card in similar way as you previously used your credit cards or debit cards except that unlike those of credit cards, this is a prepaid one.

This prepaid VISA card as the name suggest is prepaid and more importantly it can be recharged as you do for your prepaid mobile simcards. As previously said, this card runs on VISA platform and supports money in denomination of rupee. This card can also be used for point of sales terminals at all VISA enabled terminals and supports online shopping too.

Actually this card is a boon for the parents who send their childrens to study out of town. The parents can reload the money on their cards and hence can keep track of their expenses.

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