Revert Back To Old Photo Viewer Of Facebook

Revert Back To Old Photo Viewer Of Facebook.

While using facebook you might have encountered the new facebook photo viewer now a days where in when you click on any photo present in any album, a new screen flashes upon it with a contrasting black background.

Some people feel it extremely annoying and uneasy to navigate out from that screen which can be done on clicking on the sidebars. But it takes a lot of time if we directly want to go to our home page or profile or any other links present in the original window of facebook.

So to revert back to the old photo viewer of facebook, you can do the following – while opening a facebook photo, rather than clicking directly on the photo thumbnail, Right click on it and click on “Open in new tab” or “open in new window”.

Now in the new tab/window, you can browse the photos in traditional manner as was previously there in facebook.

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