Select Multiple Files In Windows Explorer using Checkboxes

Select Multiple Files Folders In Windows Explorer By Using Checkboxes.

While selecting multiple files earlier you might have faced difficulty in selecting files or folders which are not in proper symmetrically ordered in the folder. Earlier to select the files or folder you used shift and arrow keys if they are placed on after other or simply selected using rectangular selection by using mouse. Now how to select multiple files and folders if they are not in proper order.

Suppose the files to be selected are as shown above in arrow marks

This can be done only with check boxes enabled and this checkbox feature can be accessed only in the windows vista or higher versions

To do this follow these steps

1.    On the top left corner below file menu, you can find a dropdown button called “Organize”, click on it
2.    From the drop down menu click on “Folder and search option” and then switch to “view” tab in the middle

3.    Now scroll down to find the option called “Use check boxes to select items”

4.    Check that option and click apply then Ok
5.    Now its done, you can see the check box on every files and folders

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