Shorten URL in Single Click within your Browser

Shorten URL in Single Click within your Browser.

While sharing something over the social networking sites like facebook or twitter or any other social networking

services, you might have wanted to include or share a link too. But many times the link is so long that it cross the word linit imposed by the social networking service provider like in tweets of twitter or any free online bulk SMS sending services, etc.

So to curb this problem, Now we can use the Google URL shortener found at http://goo.gl/ . Now you would wonder that the title says that we can shorten the URL in single click within the browser, Yes you are correct. Actually there is no need to go to the google URL shortener, rather you can install the URL shortener extension for your browser like firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.

Just search for Adds-on for your browser for Google URL shortener, install it and then paste your URL in the box of the URL shortener, it will automatically generate the short URL, that you can use for sharing. In this way you can save characters and share more contents wothout exceeding the character or word limits.

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