Take Screenshots in Ipad without any software

Take Screenshots in Ipad without any software.
Image of Apple Ipad at amazon.com

Ipad users sometimes want to show some screenshots to their friends and might have found it difficult to take screenshots of their ipad screens. Well you can use some kind of softwares also which allows to take screenshots but a better option is also available without using any kind of softwares

You can take the screenshots of your Ipad by doing the following-

1.  On the top right corner of your Ipad, you can see a sleep or wake button, click on it.
2.  While you click that, hold it and press the home button in your ipad.

Now its done, you will se a white flash on the screen of your Ipad and a click sound is produced which informs that the screenshot have been saved as an image.

To view you screen shot image, open photos app and you will be able to see your image file in thumbnail view. Click on it to open.

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