Tips to Save Laptop Battery

Tips to Save Laptop Battery.

Power usage of battery in laptop is one of the biggest drawback. Though we can use batteries of high power but that will make the laptop more bulkier and it will become difficult for the user who need to travel frequently with the laptop.

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So tips for saving the battery of laptop may be useful for you. So while using the laptop on battery, you can

  1. Minimize screen brightness instead of running in full glare brightness.
  2. Use black themes for your laptop instead of using bright white screen themes.
  3. Switch off graphics card since it uses the maximum power.
  4. Switch off speakers of your laptop, so you will be able to save some more power. If you need to use the sound, then you can use earphones or headphones instead.
  5. Switch off wi-fi adaptor, if you aren't using internet via wi-fi.
  6. Disconnect any bluetooth connection, if that is not required.

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