Using Speech Recognition In Window 7

Using Speech Recognition In Window 7.

You might have wondered that windows should have an inbuilt application that should type the words as you speak on your microphone, or you should be able to operate your computer without the use of your mouse of keyboard, just simply speak the keywords for various functions on the microphone and the operating system will automatically do the task.

Window 7 gives you this facility of speech recognition. Now question arises, how to configure the inbuilt speech recognition. Follow these steps to configure speech recognition in your window 7 operated computer.

1.    If you don’t have inbuilt microphone then plug in the external microphone into the pink coloured slot in your computer for connecting mic
2.    Go to control panel by clicking on “start menu” and then “control panel”.
3.    On the lower left side you will find a application named “Speech recognition”. Click that.

4.    In the new window. First of all click on the first option “Start speech regonition”. You will find the new speech recognition application will be launched.

5.    Initially the application will be in “off” mode. To start it click on the mic icon on its left side.
6.    Now its done. While using Microsoft office word. You can simply speak up, and the recognised words will automatically typed.
7.    Remember that you should spell perfectly as per proper pronunciation for better performance.

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