Charge USB devices without computer on Amkette Turbo 7

Charge USB devices without computer on Amkette Turbo 7.

Currently ranging from mobiles with USB charging slots to many other electronics like USB vacuum cleaner, USB coffee maker to USB cooling pads runs on electricity via USB ports. By using these USB port devices we face 2 kinds of problems

  1. Firstly we can’t always switch on computer for charging mobile phones or making coffee etc.
  2. Secondly if we have plugged so many USB devices on our computer then it will definitely make the computer run at lowest possible speed due to low data transfer rate which occurred due to so much of data transferred using USB ports.

Now these problems also have a remedy. The remedy is the new product unveiled by the leading Computer Electronics brand Amkette. The name of this unique product is Amkette Turbo 7. As the name says, it is really turbo in its data transfer speed having 7 USB ports in its cabinet. Lets talk more about this innovational product in detail.

Using this product we can simply use our USB based charging devices like Mobile phones, etc. As earlier said it is having 7 high speed USB ports and as per the company claims their innovational MTT Technology guarantees upto maximum 12 Mbps speed on every port. And the maximum data transfer offered per port is 480 Mbps. You can simply connect this device to your AC supply plug and use it for charging purpose. To deal with overflow of current and damage to the device, it is combined with over current protection to prevent damage to connected devices.

The product manufacturers claims that it consist of specially designed USB cable of 0.6 m for better connectivity and all the 7 ports are independent and fully functional downstream ports.

Currently this product is priced at around Rs 1295/- in India.

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