Convert Powerpoint Presentation into Video using Camtasia Studio Software

Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Video with Sound using Camtasia Studio Software.

Sometimes we prepare so effective PowerPoint presentation that becomes very popular in the market place that every person wants to make use of it. But every bit of our hard work go in vain when we are not credited for the presentation that we prepared by pouring in several midnight oils gathering some innovative ideas and design for the presentation. Well this copyright menace is very common now a days mostly on the presentations which are available for the public in various PowerPoint presentation hosting websites.

But to every problem, there is a solution, so if you want to overcome this copyright problem, then you can make use of this powerful tool wherein you can convert our PowerPoint slides into videos. In this post I am describing one of the popular video editing tool that is Camtasia Studio. Using this software we can simply start slideshow of our presentation and the software will start recording whatever is happening on the screen and produce it as a video when the presentation is over, it will record all the marking or movement of mouse that you do while the slideshow and will even record the sound if you have embedded narration in your presentation.

To convert you PowerPoint presentation into video you need to have the Camtasia Studio. This is one of the best and popular video editing and PowerPoint recording tool with numerous features in it. Well we will not go into its detail in this post. What I am trying to say is that Camtasia Studio is not a free software, but you can use the evaluation version that can be downloaded from its website. Normally the evaluation version last for 15 or 30 days something and gives access to all features during the evaluation period. Otherwise, if you are supposed to use this tool frequently and having budget then you can go for buying this software.

The link for the software is given:

1.    Evaluation version [Link]
2.    Full paid version of Camtasia Studio Software from Amazon.com [link]
Full Version of Camtasia Studio 7 at Amazon.com
Now if I suppose you have installed Camtasia Studio software into your computer and are ready with your PowerPoint presentation, then you can follow these steps.

1.    Open the PowerPoint presentation.
2.    On the tabs section, locate the last tab called as “Add-Ins”.

3.    The toolbar as shown belongs to Camtasia Studio software. See the first option to record, click on it to start recording.
4.    Once you clicked on the red coloured button called “Record”, then slideshow will automatically start and you will be prompted again to start the video recording

5.    Now when your slideshow gets over, it will prompt whether to continue recording screen movements or to stop. Click on stop.
6.    Now it will prompt to save your recording in camtasia studio format. Save on your preferred location.
7.    Now again it will ask either to produce you recording or to edit your recording

8.    Click on “produce recording” and then wait for some time for camtasia software to load. Then after loading it will ask for which format to produce your video. Select appropriate format from the drop down menu and click on next.

9.    Now next save your video file in your preferred location with your desired name and click on finish.
10.    Now you presentation has been converted into video in your preferred format. You can check for that video file in the saved location.

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