Export Internet Browser Bookmarks to use on Other Computers

Export Internet Browser Bookmarks to use on Other Computers.

Very often when we have no access to our computer during internet browsing, then we have to manually type the address of the websites that we visit very often. While using our own computer, we can access those websites simply by a single click on the bookmarks of our browsers. So there is a need to make the bookmarks available for on any computer that we use.

We can achieve this by exporting our internet browser’s bookmarks into another file and carry it wherever we go in a USB drive or we can save that file in our online email account so that we have access to those files whenever we internet access. In this post I am going to describe how to export your internet browser bookmarks into an HTML file that you can use for your later use. We shall discuss on doing this in 2 popular browsers.

1.    Internet Explorer
2.    Mozilla Firefox.

In Internet Explorer, the bookmarks are stored in “Favorites” Section.

  1. Click on “Add to facourites” button on the Internet Explorer toolbars.
  2. From the drop down menu appearing, click on the option of “Import and Export”.
  3. Now it will ask for 3 options whether to "Import from another browser", "Import from file" or to "export to a file".
  4. Select the "export file" and click next.
  5. In the next window check on the "favorites" option and click next.
  6. Now select the folder that you want to import then click next.
  7. Now browse the saving location of the exported file and then click on "Export" button.
In Mozilla firefox, you can do it using the following steps:

  1. Click on Bookmarks and from the menu click on “Organize bookmarks”
  2. In the bookmarks windows, click on file menu and then click on the option called “Export”
  3. Then the Bookmarks Manager will prompt to save the bookmarks at your preferred location.
  4. Save the bookmarks. The bookmarks will be saved in the form of an HTML file that you can transfer or mail it to your email account.

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