GagaVille - New Version of FarmVille and CityVille

GagaVille - New Version of FarmVille and CityVille.

You might have heard about various games on facebook of which farmville & Cityville is common. These games titled along with theworld 'ville' originally belong the Zynga games group, which is one the pioneer in games and entertainment.

Now stepping up forward, Zynga has launched its worth a try version of 'ville' set named as GagaVille. The name seems surprising and seems to relate Lady Gaga, isn't it? No its not, this game has been created in collaboration with the social media pop star Lady Gaga to promote her latest albums on facebook via GagVille.

Talking about its features, GagaVille combines all the gameplan and mechanics similar to FarmVIlle, more specifically it contains a number of oddball Gaga touchs. It also includes shiny unicorns and sheeps on motorcycles and rhinestones.

While reviewing it I found that the rewards are being awarded in a special way. The players here can earn a limited edition rewards in the form of Gaga merchandise. They can even preview some of the unreleased songs of Lady Gaga in the limited edition rewards. If you want to download the albums of Lady Gaga, then you can do it here since GagaVille entitles the players to download a digital version of the album for free upon purchasing a certain amount worth of Zynga games.

Probably it seems the game is really worth a try option since it provides both entertainment in the form of games and nice songs of Lady Gaga on whom the World rocks.

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