Google Plus + Statistics and Achievement

 Google Plus + Statistics and Achievement.

Within less than a month of its launch, Google + has created a revolution in the field of social networking with almost 25 millions of crowd joining the Google + network within 27 days.

With its innovative marketing strategy of inviting the people to join the network the Google team made the invitation process to go viral and this viral internet marketing helped them achieve a huge success which is counted as one of the huge achievement till date in the history of social networking business.

If we count back on the dates when the other popular social networking sites were born like Facebook, It took almost 3 years for facebook to achieve the target of 25 million visitors. After facebook, there was a second name in the social networking world called My Space which took 2 years to achieve the 25 million mark while twitter made it possible within 20 months of its launch but when the recent search engine giant Google’s Plus project is concerned, it completed its target within 27 days of its launch even when it was running its Beta project on Google Plus +.

Taking you to the statistics of Google Plus, According to their report upon a sample set of 44755 Google plus, majority of the profiles belong to ‘Males’ having 86.2% share while second major share belong to the ‘females’ with 12.6% share while the rest 1.2% is categorized under the ‘others’ category.

As per the report released the Google plus majority visitors exists in United States from where it has received about 6.44 million traffic while India was its second major market with around 3.62 million visitors. Rest of western countries like Canada and UK shares 1 million of its traffic each while having 0.9 million traffic from Germany.

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