How to change the Default Printer in Windows 7

How to change the Default Printer in Windows 7?

When we have networked computers and hardwares containing more than one printer like one for mass printing using a laser printer and another one a colour inkjet printer and one more as photo printer for printing out personal photos, then it becomes a cumbersome task to select the printer everytime when we want to print something. Many often we use the black and white laser printer but since some other printer is
set as default printer so we have to change the printer everytime in the print dialogue box while printing any document of file.

So to avoid this problem we can change the default printer of our computer, so that we can print the document directly within one click from the printer that we use very often for printing task. We can change the default printer by following the steps given below. Please note that as the title suggests, this tutorial is for computers with operating system windows 7. Though the process remains same in Windows Vista also, there is slight difference in other previous versions of windows like windows XP.

  1. Click on start menu.
  2. Click on “Devices and Printers” from the right side from the Jump menu.
  3. Locate the second section called “Printers and Faxes”, See as shown in the image, my default printer is “Journal Note Writer” since it is having a green coloured tick mark, but I want to setup “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as my default printer.
  4. So right click on the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and click on the second option called as “Set as default printer”.
  5. Now “Microsoft XPS Document writer” will be set as your default printer. Now whenever you click print from the toolbars from any application, then your documents will be automatically queued to your default printer which is “Microsoft XPS Document writer” in this case.

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