How to defragment hard disk in windows 7

How to defragment hard disk in windows 7.

For those who store considerable amount of data on their computer, it is always highly advised for them to defragment their hard disk regularly to improve speed of the computer. What exactly happens is, when the data is being stored, more often they get stored in different fragments of the hard disk drive, so when the next time you are going to retrieve those data, it will take a longer time or simply saying, it will reduce your computer performance, since it takes time to collect data from different locations which are fragmented.

To defragement your hard disk in windows 7, you can follow these steps.

1.    Click on window start button, a jump menu will appear.
2.    Type the word “defragmenter”, the program with name “Disk Defragmenter” will appear
3.    Click on the ‘disk defragmenter’ program to launch it.
4.    The disk defragmenter screen will be displayed.

5.    You can see the percentage fragmentation for each disk you have in your computer including the system reserved memory.
6.    Since the percentage are based on based on last check, so you have to check the current percentage fragmentation, so to know whether the disk requires defragementing or not, click on ‘analyse disk’.
7.    After analysing the disk, it will tell the current percentage fragmentation.
8.    Now you can click on ‘defragment disk’ to defragment the selected disk.

Now you know how to defragment hard disk in windows 7 but few things to remember is that, defragmentation can’t be done on hard disk which have been formatted using system other than NTFS, FAT or FAT32. And the network drives can’t be defragmented.

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