How to Disable Automatic Window Resizing or Docking in Windows 7

How to Disable Automatic Window Resizing or Docking in Windows 7?

If you have used the earlier versions of windows then you might have observed that unlike previous version, in windows 7 when you drag the window of any program with the help of its title bar to any extreme side either left or right then you might have seen that the window automatically resizes itself to half of the screen. This feature of the windows 7 is called automatic resizing or docking of windows.

If you don’t like this feature of resizing or docking the windows to half and want to resize the window manually as per your own recommended size and ration, then you can disable the windows docking or resizing feature. You can do this by following these steps:

1.    On your desktop, there is an icon of ‘control panel’. Click on it to open.
2.    Alternatively if you have cleared off your desktop from those icons, then you find it in start menu. Click on start menu, on the left hand side, you can find the button for ‘control panel’.
3.    After you open the control panel, locate for the application named ‘Ease of access center’ and click on it to launch it.
4.    On the ‘ease of access center’, you will find numerous options to choose from. Locate for the option ‘make the mouse easier to use’ which generally lies as the fourth option (in my computer it’s in the 4th option).
5.    On the ‘make the mouse easier to use’ screen, locate for the last checkbox option “prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”.

6.    Check that option, click apply and then ok.

Now your windows will never automatically adjust themselves to the half of the screen.

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