How to take Snapshot in Window 7 using Sniping Tool

How to take Snapshot in Window 7 using Sniping Tool.

In the previous post I wrote about how to take snapshots in pdf files in adobe acrobat pdf reader. In this post we will be discussing on how to take snapshot in any kind of file or any window or any kind of stuff which you can see on the screen of your computer using window 7.

You would say that we can simply use ‘print screen’ button from our keyboard directly to snapshots. But this method which i am going to describe here is better since, while taking screen shots using the ‘print screen’ button of your keyboard, we have to paste the image in clipboard to MS Paint application then save it. Many often the unwanted portions also gets included which we have to remove by editing in the MS Paint application, but using this method, we don’t need to paste it. It will automatically generate a ‘.png’ format file which we can save at our preferred location at one click. And this allows us to rule out the possibility of taking images of unwanted region since we can select the area on which we want to take snapshot.

To take snapshot in window 7, simply follow these steps:

1.    Open your file or folder or the location for which you want to take
2.    Click on ‘start’ menu.
3.    Click on ‘all programs’ from the options shown after clicking on the start menu.
4.    Then click on the ‘accessories’ folder.
5.    You will find an application called ‘sniping tool’, click on it to launch that application.

6.    Now click on the dropdown button beside the ‘new button’ on the snipping tool application, you can find the format of taking snapshots like freeform, rectangular, window snip or full screen snip like that of ‘print screen’.
7.    Now you can select the region for the snapshot.
8.    After you release the click it will automatically generate the image file on another window which you can save using the ‘save’ button given on that window.
9.    You can also make some editing or changes using the ‘option’ button of the application like inclusion of selection inks and some other features

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