MyBackup Pro - Android Data backup software

MyBackup Pro - Android Data backup software.

If you use Smartphone powered by Google's mobile operating system Android then you might be aware of the data backup pack 'Titanium Backup'. Well now a days it seems Titanium has become a conventional one.

Now a day, Android users seem to use many more other backup softwares. MyBackup Pro is another of its kind. This data backup software has been specifically designed for Android operating system which provides enhanced user interface which guides the user to make use of the software in an extremely cohesive manner.

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Talking about its features, it provides android users the opportunity to save installed apps and personal data in the form of files and folders. Not only this much, as usual it also saves contacts, call logs, messages and even bookmarks for various websites you visit over the internet on your Android handset. More, while going to media and entertainment part, this software also allows to backup calendar, music playlists, photos etc.

Moreover if you are making some major changes by making it rooted then this software is a must since it has the ability to create backup for system settings and performs scheduled backups and online backups too.

The backup you create can be easily restored on every android device on both rooted and non-rooted type device. If you use periodic backup, in that case also it seems to be powerful since it supports a feature known as incremental backup wherein the incremental backups are stored in a separate folder, which can be easily managed, viewed and restored. Also you want to backup data for some individual apps or data, you can do this by using MyBackup Pro.

Now as we talked about its advantageous features, Now we shall move on to its drawbacks. Most significant drawback of this software is its higher price when compared to Titanium backup, which offers many more features compared to MyBackup Pro which has improved user interface as compared to Titanium Backup. Plus if you want to take a free trial or want to run a root version, then you can use it only in a single device.

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