No Subsidized LPG for income of Rs 6 Lakhs

 No Subsidized LPG for income of Rs 6 Lakhs.

With the increasing price of fuels of all type like Petrol, Diesel and LPG, now its time to get more shocks for the people having income of Rs 6 Lakhs or more annually.

As per the recent recommendation of the parliamentary committee for the monsoon session parliament, the panel has suggested to restrict subsidy for the people having income over Rs 6 Lakhs. Effective to this Law, Now as per recent market rate of Delhi where an 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder costs Rs 395.35 for households after giving a subsidy of Rs 247, Now the above 6 lakhs income group persons will have to pay a cost of Rs 642.35 including the subsidy which was earlier paid by the Government for the whole country.

These suggestions came as an idea by some members of the parliamentary panel after reviewing the report on the huge subsidy bills paid by the government while selling fuels at below market price rates inspite of rising crude oil prices in the foreign market.

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