Outlook Pluggin for Social Networking and Chat

Outlook Pluggin for Social Networking and Chat.

Unlike some online mail clients similar to Gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail, Rediffmail, etc, the offline mail handling clients like Microsoft Outlook don’t allow us to chat online using the application. So it becomes a cumbersome task for the offline mail client users since they have to go online using their internet browsers, login into the chat clients like skype or Google talk or facebook and then after all this task they get access to chat.

But in this post I would like to share a cool and easy to use pluggin for Microsoft outlook. This pluggin is named as ‘Xobni Pluggin’. Xobni pluggin provides access to almost every major social networking services like facebook, Linked In, Xing, etc. After installing this software you can directly use social networking services and most importantly chat using this software with all of your contacts present in your social networking account. You can access the social networking services via Xobni Pluggin without the need to access any kind of internet browser. Just launch the MS Outlook that you use as an email client and start chatting directly from there.

Well not only this much, but the Xobni Pluggin also provides insightful statistics regarding your nature of interaction that you do within your contacts using the pluggin.

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