Pay Tax on ATM of HDFC Bank

Pay Tax on ATMs of HDFC Bank.

The leading bank of India in with core business of housing finance, HDFC bank has now launched another “to be successful” campaign of service i.e. to pay taxes using HDFC bank ATMs. After the huge success of its Infinia Credit Card with no credit limit, now it has forayed its business towards the collection of tax using an “easy to do” way for its existing customers.

With operations in over 1111 cities of India with more than 5998 ATM booths and with its ATM cum Debit Card customer base of over 115 Lakh now, HDFC bank will now reduce the hassles of its customer for paying their tax. Any HDFC bank Customer with ATM cum Debit Card can now approach any of the nearest HDFC bank ATM and can pay through direct transfer using the option given in the panel of their ATM screen.

To pay tax using ATM, the customers are required to fill up a form at the bank to register their account to availing this service. After completion of a small registration process the customers can use this unique service. Considering this service as another approach towards strengthening the customer base this service is visualized to gain more popularity since the customers will get freedom from waiting in the long queues even after the launch of e-filing option from the Income Tax Department.

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