Take Snapshot in Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Take Snapshot in Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

While reading or while preparing any PowerPoint presentation from any article or research paper in pdf file format, you might come across some important points or equations or some pictures, that you want to include in your presentation or notes, but unfortunately you will find that while copying down the images or
any mathematical images, you will find that the data is not copied correctly. Either the textual data gets pasted with some other unrecognised character or simply some wrong texts are being pasted. And moreover when images are copied, then it will never be copied into the destination files.

So the best way to come out of this problem is to take snapshot using the snapshot tool of the adobe acrobat reader. To take snapshot of the required data either images or any mathematical equations or simply the text present within the pdf file, simply follow these steps:

1.    Open the pdf file using adobe acrobat reader.
2.    Go to the page for which you want to take pdf snapshot.
3.    Go to the menu, locate the tools menu, and click on it.

4.    Select the first option  “select & zoom”.
5.    Then from the new menu select the last option “snapshot tool”
6.    Now as usual using the snapshot tool, you can take the snap of the data. It will be copied into the clipboard.
7.    Then go to your destination file and then click paste.
8.    The data for which you took snapshot will be pasted in the form of an image.

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