10 Startup Keys to use in your MacBook Pro and Mac OS Desktop

10 Startup Keys to use in your MacBook Pro and Mac OS Desktop.

Do you own a MacBook Pro or laptop or Desktop with Mac Operating system installed in it? Then this is the right time that you must know some of the important keys that can be used during startup. Here is a compiled list of some startup keys that you can make use of for better computing experience in your Mac OS based laptop or Desktop.

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The keys with their function are mentioned below. Please note that you will have to press the key(s) immediately after you hear the startup tone.

  1. “C”: You can hold down the ‘C’ button in order to boot from a CD or DVD. This can be useful when you need to install any software into your Mac OS based system.
  2. “Option”: This button can be used when you want to select the hard drive volume that you want to boot from while startup.
  3. “X”: X button can be used when you want to force the system to boot into Mac OS X.
  4. “Option + N”: If you use this option you can start from a NetBoot server using the default boot image.
  5. “N”: If you use only the key ‘N’, then the system attempt to startup from a compatible network server that is NetBoot.
  6. “T”: The key “T” can be used to start your Mac OS in Firewire Target Disk mode.
  7. “Option + Command + P +R”: By using this key combination you can reset your non-volatile Random Access Memory called as NVRAM.
  8. “Shift”: Pressing Shift during startup you can ensure boot startup in safe mode which will temporarily disable all login items.
  9. “Command + S”: This key combination will start the system n single user mode.
  10. “Command + V”: Now if the key combination “Command + V” is used then your Mac Os will start up in verbose mode.

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