Dell Latitude XT3 Laptop Features and Review

Dell Latitude XT3 Laptop Features and Review.

After the most discussed XPS series of laptops of Dell, now Dell has launched another laptop in India under the Latitude series of laptops. Recently Dell India has launched its most awaited brand Latitude XT3 laptop in the market. In this post we shall discuss some of its features. Well as everybody knows that Dell has
captured a significant amount of market share in the laptop market of India, so Dell is trying a lot to become the leader in the laptop market of India. Well this might be the sole reason why Dell has been launching numerous brands under different different series like Inspiron, Studio Series, XPS series, Latitute series, etc.
Dell Latitude XT3

Well now we shall talk about some the features of this Dell Latitude XT3 laptop. Dell latitude XT3 is currently priced at Rs 1 lakh in India which is roughly equivalent to $ 2222 at the exchange rate of 1$ = 44 INR. Well it seems very costly when compared with the XPS series laptops.

As mentioned in their official website, Dell Latitude XT3 is having a 13.3 inch auto bright HD LCD screen and possesses an anti glare LED backlit. This shows that latitude XT3 is suitable for the user who travels a lot with their laptop. Since the screen size is small, automatically the size and weight will be reduced, so it is much easier for the user to travel with the laptop, and since the display resolution is smaller, so the energy usage will be less, so the user will not have to worry about their laptop battery running out of charge. Moreover, Dell Latitude XT3 is equipped with some technology called “ExpressCharge” as claimed by the company which ensures that your battery gets 80% recharged just within 1 hour. This laptop provides 9 cell extended battery option and slice option for whole day power.

Now talking about its processor, Dell Latitude XT3 is having Intel Core i5 2520M processor with speed of 2.5 GHz along with 3 MB cache under turbo boost technology. It possesses a memory of 2 GB 1333MHz DDR3 SD RAM. It also includes WiMAX and mobile broadband.

One of the most amazing feature of this Laptop that makes it worth $2222 is that you can change from laptop to tablet pc mode with a new bi-directional hinge. Using this hinge you can rotate the laptop screen for easier switching to tablet mode.

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