Free Unlimited Facebook access using Vodafone Blue

Free Unlimited Facebook access using Vodafone Blue.

If you are a frequent facebook user, then this might prove good news for you. Recently Vodafone India has entered into an agreement with the internet social networking giant of the earth Facebook and has launched a new phone especially for avid facebook users.

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The name of this phone is supposed to be “Vodafone Blue”. The users who own this phone will be provided with the Vodafone simcard which will enable the users to gain unlimited access to facebook for free for 1 year. Using the phone the users will be allowed to browse through facebook, upload photos and videos, update status, ask questions, etc everything that can be done on facebook for mobile. This phone will have one click access to facebook that may be in the form of any app of the homepage of the phone or any specific fixed button on the phone’s hardware.

Reportedly, Vodafone will provide these phones at a cheap price to both pre-paid as well as to post-paid customers. After the launch of google plus by Google Inc, facebook is doing every bit to protect its user base by providing access to facebook in every corner of the country regardless of less internet presence in some part on India. Facebook has been reported to have announced similar kind of phones with many other brands like INQ and HTC earlier.

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