How to add a facebook like box in your blog or website

How to add a facebook like box in your blog or website?

You might have seen the facebook like box in this blog on the sidebar of this post. If you want to add a similar facebook like box of your facebook page to your blog, then this post is for you. If your blog or website gets a good amount of visitors, then it is worth considering adding the facebook page’s like box, so
that your visitors get to know that you too exist on facebook as a facebook fan page. It is useful because if no one knows that you exist on facebook, then it is very difficult to increase your facebook fan base. So if you are persuaded by the previous lines of this paragraph then follow on to create a facebook like box for your facebook fan page to get it added to your blog

First of all the important requirement for creating a facebook like box is that you should have a facebook fan page already created. If you have not yet created the facebook page, then proceed to create the fan page. Now if I suppose that you have created your facebook fan page then go to the link given below:


This link will take you to the official face book’s developer’s page, where you can find a number of widgets that can be added to your website or blog. By the way the link that I have given here will take you directly to the facebook like box creation page. Now when you reached the page, you will find a form as shown in the image given below.
Facebook Like box configuration setup form

In the image you can see various options are needed to fill in ranging from facebook page URL to colour and some other checkbox options to customize the look and appearance of your facebook like box. In the first blank in the form, enter the URL of your facebook fan page. Now the second option is to set the width size of the facebook like box. By default it is adjusted at 292, which can be changed depending upon the size of the place where you want to place your facebook like box.

Now the next option is colour scheme which is having just 2 options either light or dark. You can select any of the option depending on which theme suits good for your blog and matches with the template. If you want to show the profile faces of the facebook fans, then you can enable that by checking the “show faces” checkbox. In the next blank you can enter the border colour of your facebook like box in terms of the HTML colour code.

If you want to show the recent posts or links or videos shared on your facebook page, then you can check the “show stream” checkbox. At the last if you want to show the blue coloured header with title as “Find us on facebook”, then check the “show header” checkbox.

Now when you are done with all these, then you can click on the button “Get Code”. It will provide you 3 kinds of code, from which you have to select any one depending upon your server support for the kind of HTML code. Now copy and paste the code in your blog’s template where you want it to be added. If you are using Blogger platform, then go to the layout section of blogger (in the new blogger interface) and then click on “add widget” and then click on “add HTML/JavaScript code”, paste the code and then save it and you are done.

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