How to add Google Search Box in Blogger without any coding

How to add Google Search Box in Blogger without any coding.

While reading out your blog posts, some readers might get interested in reading out something related to a specific topic for which they will go to Google or other any search engine or may use the search tool bar installed in their internet browsers as add on. Well possibilities are there that your blog also contains those
related stuff but since your blog do not have a custom Google search widget, so the readers may move away without even knowing that you have written an interesting post related to their query. So in this case you should add a custom Google search box in blogger. Well as the title says, any HTML coding skills is not required to add a Google search box.

To add a Google’s custom search box in your blogger based blog, you can do the following:

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Now go to the layout section of your blog.
  • Locate the position where you want to add the Google’s search box. Ideally the sidebars or the area right to the title of your blog are good location for adding a search box.
  • Now click on the “add gadget” option.
  • Now in the new window, you can find numerous options to add widgets into your blog. Scroll down a little to find a widget called “search box” as shown in the image given. Note that for Google search box, the widget should be provided by “Google Custom search” as mentioned below the description of the widget.

Google Search widget listing

  • Now click on the plus “+” symbol next to the title of the widget. You will be directed to change the settings of the search box as per your requirements.
  • As shown in the image below, there are 3 options to change that is if you want to enable search only within your blog, then check the first option. If you want to search within the pages linked from here then use the second checkbox or else if you want to use the whole web for search then you can use the third checkbox. You can also use combination of 2 options or all the 3 options.
Google search widget settings

  • Now when you are done with the settings, you can click on the save button and now preview your blog.

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