How to create your own QR codes without any software [Video]

How to create your own QR codes for web URL and Texts without any software?

While going through various technology magazines you might have seen some square shaped codes similar to some bar codes. Well those who don’t know, for them these codes are called QR codes which contains some embedded information in them like URL for the product details or some texts related to the article or
advertisement shown adjacent to the QR codes. You can simply take a photograph of that code using your simple camera phone and then read it using the any of the available QR Reader apps in your smartphone. This will direct you to the text encoded in it or to the website URL linked to that QR code.

You can also create your own QR code that you can publish with your article or advertisement. You can also embed that in your resume or visiting card to link to your LinkedIn or any other social networking profile or to your blog. You can create QR code for 2 things:

  • One is for web URLs
  • And other for some textual materials.

We shall discuss how to do that in separate sections. So first of all let us talk about how to create your own QR code for web URLs.
  1. Fetch the URL that you want to embed in your QR code.
  2. Shorten the URL using Google’s URL shortening service, you can do this by going to http://goo.gl and then entering your URL that you want to be shortened in the form shown there. Google will generate the shortened URL of your link.
  3. Now copy that shortened URL and paste it in the address bar of your browser.
  4. Now add “.qr” the end of your shortened URL that you pasted on your browser. Now click on the go button or hit enter. In few seconds you will see the generated QR code for you web URL or link.

Now if you want to create QR code for some textual materials, then you can simply go to QR code generating service like http://qurify.com/en/ and type the text and then click on qurify button. It will generate the QR code that you can download.

You can see this tutorial in this video too

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