How to Disable Automatic Sync of iPad with iTunes

How to Disable Automatic Sync of iPad with iTunes?

In the last post I wrote some tips on how to increase the battery life of your iPad, now in this post we will see a most commonly faced distraction in iPad and will find a way to curb that problem. Well as the title shouts, this post is about disabling the automatic sync feature of iPad. While connecting the iPad with your
computer or laptop, you might have seen that iPad starts syncing with the iTunes. Well as we have discussed in last post, that unnecessary applications seems to use excessive power to some extent and if you are using iPad on battery mode, then surely you may run out of your battery soon.
Apple iPad2
Not only power efficiency is affected but this also results in distraction that whenever we want to do some important task while the iPad is connected with the computer, then that sync starts creating a disturbance. Well we can simply disable this automatic sync feature by following the steps as given below.

1.    Start the iTunes application.
2.    Locate the “iTunes option” and select that to get started with settings.
3.    Now you will find an option called “preferences”, click on it.
4.    Under Preferences you can find a number of tabs including “Devices” tab. Select the “Devices” tab, where you will find a number of checkbox options related to sync feature.
5.    There will be checkbox with the option as “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”, just check that checkbox to stop syncing and then save the settings using the button “Ok”

If you are using windows operating system then you might consider changing the step 2, that is instead of iTunes options click on “edit”. Rest procedures are same as mentioned above.

Now you can use your iPad without syncing with any devices when connected to it.

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