Download Youtube videos into iTunes without any software

How to download Youtube videos into iTunes format without any software?

After the iphone went on to craze with millions of downloads from the itunes store, now people want to download to the videos preferably in iTunes format or Mp4 formats. Few Months back I had posted on how to download youtube videos into your computer without using any software. So similar to that, this post is about downloading or converting your favourite youtube videos directly into iTunes format without using any kind of software.

To download the video in iTune format, just follow these steps:

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Browse for the video that you want to be downloaded in iTunes format.
  • While watching the video, copy the address of the youtube video from the address bar.
  • Now open a new tab or window in your internet browser and type the address www.savevid.com
  • The SaveVid.com homepage will load within few seconds. Now you will find a place with form titled as “URL”.
  • Just paste the URL of the youtube video that you copied from the youtube website and click on the download button adjacent to it.

  • Now it will check whether java is installed on your computer or not. If it is not installed already then you will be asked to install java directly from there.
  • Otherwise if its already installed then Java will display a dialog box asking to allow the download application of the website SaveVid.com to run on your computer, just click on the “Run” button to allow the application.

  • Next it will display the available  formats for the video that can be downloaded. In this case it has displayed 6 available formats including one option to watch. You can also see that the file extension and the resolution of the video along with file size is also displayed on the results.
  • From the available list, you have to click on the “MP4” format for downloading them as iTunes format.

  • Next as per your browser settings it will ask for the location where to be saved or if you have any download manager installed then it will automatically store the file in the default saving location.
  • Now after the download is finished, you can check for the video in the location where it has been saved.

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