How to enable Facebook Subscribe Button for your Profile

How to enable Facebook Subscribe Button for your Profile?

You might be aware that when Google Plus was launched, the most debated feature of Google plus which made it better that facebook was its feature which allowed to add people to different category of people including a public circle. Well to cope up with the competition from Google plus, now facebook developers
have also added a similar feature by which you can subscribe to the updates of the personal whom you don’t know personally but want to get updated from the person  provided they enable subscribe button on their profile. These people can be any person either a famous personality or common man like me:).

Let us suppose you are a Professor, then many students will send you friends request which will definitely grow into thousand friends in your friends list which becomes unmanageable as the list becomes larger. Now there are several personal life instances, status, photos which you think should be shared only among your personal friends, not with students. These cases were the shortcomings of previous version of facebook which has been over ridden by the introduction of the new facebook subscribe button.

To enable access to your facebook updates for the person who are interested in getting your updates but are unknown to you, you can simply click on the "allow subscribers button” option under this given link:


Now your profile will have a subscription button beside the add as friend button on the profile page. This subscribe button is visible only to the people who are not in your friends list, because your friends are already getting almost all updates from you.

While posting any status update, photos, videos, link, etc, you can set visibility in facebook which will ensure that the subscribed person will get only the updates which are set to public visibility.

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