How to get back Facebook Old Chat window

How to get back Facebook Old Chat window?

Now a day facebook is experimenting a lot with almost all of its features ranging from the account settings interface, privacy interface to facebook chat window. All these innovations are being done because of Google Plus. That’s because within few days of launch, Google plus achieved a big success, so to remain as
a king in the social marketing website business, facebook should do every leap and bound to remain in the competition. Well this post is not about achievements of Google plus over facebook, rather we shall talk here about how to disable the sidebar of the new facebook chat interface and rather use the older facebook chat system.

Well facebook has not provided any settings changing option to revert back to old facebook chat, rather we have to install software or the so called add on within our internet browsers to enjoy the older facebook chat window. Below are the steps that tell how to enable old facebook chat system.

In this post, I am covering how to get back old facebook chat window for 3 popular internet browsers in the market. Those 3 browsers are

1.    Mozilla Firefox
2.    Google Chrome
3.    Opera Browser

So if you are using Internet Explorer or any other browser then kindly switch over to any of the above mentioned internet browser, to use the older facebook chat system.

Now I suppose, you are using any of these 3 browsers. We will be using an internet browser add on provided by the website http://www.sidebardisabler.net/.

For Mozilla Firefox users, go to this site:


If you are Google Chrome user, then go to this link:


Or else if you are using Opera Browser, the go to this link:


Now at the respective websites, the facebook old chat add on will be listed there. Now click on the button saying “add to Firefox” or “add to chrome” or “add to opera”. The add on will get downloaded and then your browser will ask for your permission to install the add on. Clicking on “Install” will install the “sidebardisabler” add on into your browser. Now when the installation is complete, restart your browser.

Now login to your facebook account, and click on the facebook chat, you can see your older facebook window.

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