BPO Call Centre Jobs - An Overview | Career Guide

BPO Call Centre Jobs - An Overview | Career Guide.

Now a day’s call centres are of many craze among the youngs. The only reason behind this is easy money.

The entry level qualification is minimum class 12th pass where graduates can also apply. Fluency in
English & good communication skills are that all you want. The earning range at entry level starts from calling
agents who gets salary around Rs 5000 to Rs 7000. Incentives extra, based on performance, monthly incentives can also go up to Rs 10000 or more. The maximum salary a manager can get is Rs 60000 & more.

The most common age people in these jobs are around 18- 35 years old

The tough hours goes when the shifts lasts for 7 to 9 hrs. On an average a calling agent has to handle
300 to 400 calls a day.

The BPO ladder is as follows:
  1. Trainee
  2. Calling agent/ call centre executive/ customer service executive
  3. Verifier
  4. Supervisor
  5. Team leader
    1. Operations
    2. Quality
  6. Process manager
  7. Operation manager

The other annoying side of this job are:
  1. Long hours
  2. Stress
  3. Biological clock goes haywire
  4. Heavy smoking
  5. Addiction to drug alcohol
  6. Detachment from family
  7. Fragile relationship
  8. Shoping binges
  9. Erosion of values due to lure of money

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