Gold Fund by HDFC Mutual Fund

Gold Fund by HDFC Mutual Fund.

The mutual fund arm of the HDFC Bank Group has launched a new fund called HDFC Gold fund which is specifically for the investors seeking to invest in Gold. With the increase in inflation and Gold prices, the market conditions depicts that Gold can be taken as a good future option for investment.

HDFC Mutual Fund

As per the company this HDFC Gold Fund is an open ended Fund-of-funds scheme which will enable the investors to systematically invest in Gold and to hedge the risk of volatility in market, which will allow them to diversify their portfolio.

The NFO that is New Fund Offering will close on 21-October. HDFC Gold Mutual Fund has 2 options for the investors, either to invest via a single investment plan or via a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Since this mutual fund is under the Fund-Of-Funds scheme so it will also invest in other schemes of the Gold Mutual Funds.

As per the disclosure made by HDFC Mutual Fund, the minimum amount of investment required is Rs 100. The fund that will be accumulated using this HDFC Gold Fund is supposed to be invested in HDFC Gold ETF as said by company officials.

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